Well it’s Christmas Eve about 11pm, a lot has changed in the last 2 days. I’m not as melancholy as I was the other day, so this won’t be as sad. I hope! 
      Yesterday after overtime I did a little last minute shopping on my way home. I was actually starting to feel a little of the spirit getting to the last things for my Ladybugs. Then I slept for a few hours and got up and ready to go out. 
    Had errands to run before meeting a friend for dinner and to watch a band play. In my errands I found the spirit more. First stop was friends and fellow band parents of mine, just dropping off a gift I painted for them. While talking to Jon outside his wife Naomi comes home and comes over to me and gives me the biggest hug telling me “we don’t see you enough!” It’s great to have friends like this.
    Next stop was an old friend Crissy. I had gotten some gifts for her two kids (who warmed my heart when I walked in and were like BRIAN). I also had two candles I had painted for her. Little did she know I had bought her a necklace and stuffed it in the gift bag with them. I was running late meeting my friend for dinner so I kind of dropped and ran with the gifts. Texting as I left asking if her kids liked the stuff she posted a video for me on Facebook. Then I asked if she saw hers, there was silence for a few minutes and she came back saying OMG THANK YOU! You shouldn’t have. The spirit was getting bigger with all the joy I was spreading. 
    Third stop was the bar I was meeting my friend Robin at for dinner and to see a band. After the drive I was starving. Robin showed up dressed to the nines (the drummer was her ex boyfriend and she was making honest his heart out). We were also celebrating her recent raise and home. I had an amazing cheeseburger with crab meat and old bay seasoning, LOVED IT! Now time for the band they were good but the drummer can’t keep time that annoys me. All in all a good night.
   Now today, a lot needed to be done today. Started by making Rolo pretzels, a favorite treat. Then out to the fray to get the last of the things I needed for my kids to have for Christmas. Movie theater, bakery, Target, Walmart, the Mall, and more Walmart, it was a crazy blur. Got home and was trying to decide how to spend the rest of my night. Decided I was too tired for church got some Chinese food and relaxed at home. Mom and Dad helped me with wrapping. Now time to relax and get this blog out. 
    So know I think I got it spreading joy and giving everyone the things I made them has really brought out the spirit of Christmas for me. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas!


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